Etheraapi Organization

Our vision & our mission

The advancement of human and civil rights, conflict resolution and reconciliation for all ethnic Communities in Sri Lanka and also Sri Lankan community and other all the communities are living in The World.

The promotion of religious and racial harmony, and also equality and diversity ,among the all ethnic communities in Sri Lanka and also Sri Lankan and other all the communities are living in The World.

“Ethera Api” Organization is a mass organization composed of expatriate Sri Lankans who is being abroad and earning foreign exchange to Sri Lankan economy, to win their rights and benefits.

Organization aims(Our Action Plan )

  • To obtain the right to vote from the country where he or she is working.
  • To obtain a pension scheme in Sri Lanka for Sri Lankan foreign employers.
  • To direct the government interference to obtain fixed minimum salaries scales from the employees in abroad.
  • To force the government to stop sending unskilled domestic workers for foreign employment and to start a system for sending skilled workers.
  • To get fair and stable system for admission to government school for Sri Lankan migrant worker’s children.
  • To obtain duty free facilities to buy a car in mother land or to import a used vehicle from the employed countries without tax or tax relief.
  • To be a, mediator to interfere improving the individual understanding and individual brotherhood among the Sri Lankans and to guide them to organize welfare activities.
  • cultural, sports, social and political leadership consultation, and sponsor them to organize relevant activities.
  • To be a mediator to , to obtain fair justice to Sri Lankan who faced torture and injustice during the period of working aboard and inside the mother country.
  • Specific objectives can be redefined by the branches with the consciousness of the parent association