About us

"Ethers api" organization is a widely established organization which was established with the purpose of providing solutions for the problems face by srilankans who live overseas, of which Mr.sunil hadunnetti , minister of parliament of srilanka holds the chairmanship.

Any Srilankan despite any categorization who lives in overseas can join the organization and specially for non resident srilankans. The speciality of this organization is it helps solve the problems of srilankans in different countries in the respective country and speak out in srilanka as well.

"Even though we transfer money to our families, it helps to improve the national income. The main contribution to income of Srilankan is the money transfer from expatriate srilankans who reside in foreign countries. it is reported that Our government does not take any protective actions towards you, your families or does not seem giving  your civil and human rights or the respect or acceptance you deserve  but rather misappropriate and destroy the money you send. This situation needs sudden but careful change. So "ethers api" organization works towards fulfilling these requirements and is spreaded with several branches around the world.

So far the organization has achieved certain achievements. We represent your problems through arguments in the parliament, and also certain discussions are taking place in the srilankan society about the problems the expatriate srilankans who reside in overseas face. The relevant legal part is under process.

We invite all the srilankans around the world to join with us to solve the problems together rather than looking for individual solutions.