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Ethara api Organization, organizing a forum to celebrate the opening of the Branch of the Organization of Greece in Greece.

Since independence in 1948, Sri Lanka had an average annual economic growth rate of 4.2 per cent and currently it is 2.6.This growth and Sri Lanka’s market-oriented economic policy had a diverse impact on different sectors of society.

SLIC QATAR and ETHERA API Co-Organized a successful Ifthar Meet and Greet under the theme TOWARDS NEW SRI LANKA BONDED WITH BROTHERHOOD on 03.06.2018 at Phoenix Private School Auditorium.

The blood donation program hosted by Qatar ethara api Branch was successfully held at the Sri Lankan Stafford School in Doha on 22 September. as the Chief invitees, Principal of the Sri Lankan Stafford School,Doha and Mrs.

Six sided Ethera api Challenge Cup, organized by the Rome Ethara Api Branch , was held in Campo Sportivo, Rome, on 24.09.29, in the glittering Lago Penestina. 18 cricket teams, including a Sri Lankan youth team from the napoli and 17 cricket teams from Rome, participated in the event.